Thursday, February 11, 2016

Gored by Bull

When my husband and I got married I started working on his family tree. We have made some interesting discoveries. One that he knew is the story below about his great grandfather, John F. Faler.

The Sidney Journal, a local newspaper in Ohio reported:

GORED TO DEATH BY BULL: John F. Faler, aged 57 years.

Prominent and highly respected Jackson twp. farmer, was gored to death by a mad bull in a field near his home a short distance south of Montra, Sunday morning about 11 o’clock. He was found dead in the field some time later by his son.

Faler had gone to the field during the morning to give salt to his cattle. When he did not return the family became uneasy and instituted a search for him. In one part of the field the bull, a big red animal, was noticed as if standing guard and on a closer look the body of Mr. Faler was lying near by.

The alarm was given & neighbors notified. Several shots were fired and the bull was finally killed. Faler’s body was carried to the roadside & coronor notified.

An exam. of Faler’s body showed that he had been terribly mutilated about the head and body. A large hole had been ripped in the body under the left arm about the heart, this injury alone being sufficient to cause death. Practically all his clothing was torn from his body. The bull was about 2 yrs. of age and while at times somewhat cross, was not thought to be a vicious animal.

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