Thursday, March 10, 2016

Throwback Thursday: That Time Dad Needed to Use Powerpoint

This post is the second in a series of telling my own story. While I focus on genealogy and stories of the past, I feel I must also tell my own story so future generations have stories to discover and share. 

I was still in college when my dad called and said he needed to present a PowerPoint presentation for a work meeting and he didn't know how to use it. Mistakenly, I told him to get his text on slides and I would be home over the weekend and we could then make it look professional. He called me on my way home and said when he went into slideshow mode he could only see the first few sentences. 


My dad had typed 40 slides worth into that first new slide when he opened PowerPoint. Saturday morning I sent him to the office with my digital camera to take pictures of the space, products and other items he wanted to showcase in his presentation. That night, I moved most of his text into the notes field and replaced it with the pictures he took. He was amazed by the impact the photos could have when viewed as a slideshow.

Sunday morning I printed the notes page view of his presentation and taught him how to change from slide to slide and not to be an impatient button masher, the kind that ruin their presentations.

His presentation was a success and apparently the team wanted to know his PowerPoint secrets. I’m not sure he credited his college student daughter. But that’s ok.

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