Monday, April 4, 2016

Frederick Linhoss

My 5th Great Uncle, Frederick Linhoss was born in Hessen, Germany on 29 May 1823. He came to the US alone (my 4th great grandfather, Frederick's brother followed later) and settled in the Shenandoah Valley. 
I feel like I know little of Frederick and yet, know so much. He entered the military and fought in two wars, was wounded and retired. 
In his own words from a family history: He fought in two wars, the Mexican War and the late Civil War. He was wounded in the ankle during the late war which caused him much suffering in after years. He fought in the Battle of Manassas, Battle of Bull Run, the Battle of Gettysburg, the Battle of the Wilderness, and others.
Upon special inquiry made not long since of two vener
ble gentlemen, Mr. Richard Mauzyof McGaheysville and Mr. 
J. N. Liggett of Harrisonburg, I was informed that Rocking- 
ham County, although a stronghold for Polk and his party, 
took very little interest in the Mexican War, 1846-8. Of 
Rockingham soldiers in Mexico, the following were all that 
could be recalled: John P. BrockM1823-1892) ; N. Calvin 
Smith" (1823-1897); William Smith (brother of Calvin). 

In October, 1873, William Ralston died near Linville 
Depot, aged about 50, It was said that he had been in the 
Mexican War, as well as in the Civil War. He was known as 
"Soldier Bill." 

Mr. Robert Coifman of Dayton states that Frederick 
Linhoss, formerly of the same town, was a soldier in Mex- 
ico; and Mr. Benj. Long, also of Dayton, agrees with Mr. 
Coffman in reporting the tradition, received from Mr. Lin- 
hoss and Mr. St. Clair Detamore, that a number of men 
(about a dozen) left Dayton for the Mexican War. 

From his niece in 1938: Frederick Linhoss enlisted at Harrisonburg, VA in the regular army under Capt. George W. Getty in the year 1846. Went to Fortress Monroe and from there to Mexico. Was there until 1848 then back to Fortress Monroe and from there to Florida and stayed there until 1850.
From the National Park Service's U.S. Civil War Soldier records, I have learned the following:
On 18 April 1861 Frederick Linhoss enlisted in Co. D, 10th Virginia Infantry at the rank of orderly sergeant in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He was elected 1st lieutenant on 23 April 1862 and then wounded 9 August 1862 at Cedar Run. On 20 April 1864 he resigned his commission due to disability.

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